Will Barron
May 25, 2023
Will Barron May 25, 2023

I’ll give you two thoughts on this; the best way to handle price objections now and where the industry is likely shifting.

1 – Push back

If someone asks me the price at the beginning of a diagnosis call, it’s usually because I’ve not taken control of the conversation –

If they ask again, then I’ll push off the objection until later in the conversation –

“I understand that price is important for you. Can we come back to that in a minute?”

If they refuse that, then they’re never going to buy from you. They’re price shopping you to justify a purchase with someone else. They’re not qualified. Dump them.

That is how I deal with pricing objections and it’s what we teach in the PRO program.

2 – Salesman.com

Now, with that said, we’ve recently shifted our entire business to do the opposite of what traditional sales training does with it’s marketing.

Traditional sales trainers sucker you onto a call with some random “closer” who uses high pressure sales tactics to get you to sign up.

We have our pricing on the homepage and you jump on a call with me, personally to genuinely see if you’re a good fit for what we do.

I think this is the way B2B sales is going to shift moving forward – more transparency, less bullshit.

Why? Because every product is commoditized and so the only differentiator left is brand and service.

I know you probably can’t shift the sales process of your organization but I thought that might be a useful heads-up where things are moving. You’ll have less price objections in the next few years as buyers will know the rough price before they meet with you.