Ben Branam
May 24, 2023
Ben Branam May 24, 2023

Got an idea at a trade show a couple of weeks ago that I’m trying to implement.  I sell car wash equipment and price tags are in the millions so it’s a long sales cycle and people want to see it but travel sucks for everyone… A lighting company had a VR headset that you could sit down and watch their light show at a car wash like you were going through the car wash.

The video is expensive and takes time to build and you can’t tailor a demo to everyone individually, but you could do your equipment demo that way.  The cheat for the VR headset is a smartphone.  There are apps and cardboard headsets (about $15 on Amazon) that you can ship to the lead ahead of time and then walk them through setting up the app and playing the VR experience on their smartphones.

Like most things right now, not perfect but getting closer.  Maybe this thought can help you Aleeza.