Will Barron
May 23, 2023
Will Barron May 23, 2023

Hey Barry. Simply your value prop-

We help X, solve Y, with Z process.

Maybe –

We help IT managers, improve remote worker productivity with our rural fiber footprint.


A lot of the desires you’ve outlined are really features and benefits, rather than desires.

Feature (low latency) > Benefit (better stability) > Desire (less headache of IT support tickets)

Remember that your initial value proposition and outreach has only one goal – to book a meeting.

Then in the meeting you can really understand what the buyer needs via asking questions. So, don’t think that you need to solve all the buyers problems in your value prop. Pick the value prop that is most likely to spark interest and book a meeting.

Finally, you have listed a bunch of different buyers. Narrow down your focus and message to one of them. Get that going and then move onto the others.

Otherwise you’ll end up with a generic message that nobody gives a shit about.