Lauren Bailey
May 11, 2023
Lauren Bailey May 11, 2023

OK a couple of pointers –

  • Here’s a good tutorial on the search process itself – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vnfIsGc2_g
  • If a list is bigger than 100-200 people then add more criteria to narrow it down. Then pull the entire list each time.
  • If you then change the criteria you shouldn’t have the same people in the second search.
  • When I talk about a “list” this is external to LinkedIn (i.e. you have done a search, it had 50 people on it, you scrapped all of their emails with X tool and exported to a spreadsheet. That is now your list).

Let me know if that makes sense. Otherwise I’ll record a quick video as it’s probably easier to explain whilst sharing my screen.

I’d like to see a quick video Will. What I’m doing is working but I’m doing it a completely different way to this.