Will Barron
Apr 25, 2023
Will Barron Apr 25, 2023

I fixed the the formatting for you.

Here are some quick thoughts –

  • The first email should ask for the call. Then if you want to go for a softer ask in later emails that’s fine.
  • IS NOAA fisheries linked to the new prospect? i.e. will they recognize them?
  • Feature: Solve “forgot my password”, Benefit: Streamline IT help desk, but what is the Desire?
  • Start with “Hi” unless you know the person you’re emailing
  • Focus on “NOAA has this success” rather than “we helped NOAA…”

Here’s my takes –

Email 1

Hi [name],

Tired of “forgot my password” tickets?

We helped NOAA Fisheries reduce common and recurring problems with intuitive self-service portals.

They’ve now time to solve the real issues that have impact.

Would it make sense to jump on a quick and see if we can help X too?

Email 2

Hi [name],

NOAA thought it was going to take months to set up a new service desk.

They put it off for years thinking it was going to be a hassle.

We got them up and running in 6 weeks.

No expensive training or consulting required.

Would you be open to me sharing how we did it?