Hadeel Dabbagh
Apr 20, 2023
Hadeel Dabbagh Apr 20, 2023

Thanks Will, makes sense that their title/company would be most accurate on LinkedIn.

I am using the plugin but finding myself a little lost in LinkedIn lists.. This is the process I’m following:

– I create a LinkedIn saved search with my ICP, but that search has many leads (some many have been targeted already, some not yet, and some I tried to target but couldn’t find their info)

– So to help myself figure out who I should be targeting next, I created 2 lists, one for people who were included in my campaign, another for those I couldn’t find contact info for or contact info was invalid (to perhaps try them again with another tool).. As I determine if someone is going into a campaign, or if the contact app doesn’t give me contact info, or if their email bounces, I put them in one of those two lists.

So now when I go through the search it’s easier to see who is already part of a list and who I should be adding next to the contact app.. However this process feels cumbersome in terms of list management, so not sure if there’s a better way to manage it?