Avtar Cheema
Apr 14, 2023
Avtar Cheema Apr 14, 2023

Hi [contact name],

I saw on your LinkedIn page that [personalise- you are responsible for network managements at ABC company].

You have probably seen for yourself, that user collaboration and application demands are exposing corporate network limitations.

Our Network audits shine the light on hidden limitations. In some cases we have helped clients to identify and gain a 80% uplift on network performance.

Would you mind if I shared how a painless network audit could help remove bottlenecks and instantly strengthen your networks?



#2 [I took a look on companies house and the contacts Li profile to personalise the message]
Hi xx,

David XXX [their CEO] announced that [their business name] suffered a major financial loss, due to inflation within the food and farming sector.

Nevertheless, demands on your LAN/WAN probably continued if not increased, requiring your networks to be fully functional and optimised 24/7.

In the past we have helped Eurofins shine the light on network bottlenecks that were restricting user, application and system performance.

Would it make sense to jump on a call and share how our Network Audits can help remove hidden bottlenecks across your 6 operational sites [personalise]?