Abhijeet Sarkar
Apr 14, 2023
Abhijeet Sarkar Apr 14, 2023

Gave it another try after yesterday’s Coaching Call:

SUBJECT: {{FIRST_NAME}} – spreadsheet hell?



It looks like {{COMPANY}} is poised for growth with {{NEWS}}. That’s exciting…


But probably means more late nights in Excel building complex reports and plans.


My name’s Abhijeet (Ab), I’m the Founder & CEO of TypeSift. We help CFOs manage high growth by centralizing data from disconnected systems to build dashboards and plans.


Before TypeSift, companies like Bardstown Bourbon, Junopharm and Cashew Coast did slow, painful, and manual reporting / planning in Excel. We used TypeSift to automate data collection and cleaning, build KPI dashboards, and streamline planning across the org.


Alan, is the pain of disconnected data making your life harder, and does it make sense to schedule a call to see if we can help?