Abhijeet Sarkar
Apr 12, 2023
Abhijeet Sarkar Apr 12, 2023

Hey Hadeel,

I’m in the same spot as you. Solo-founder doing all the sales so automation is key here. This is what I use:

  • LinkedIn Sales Nav: Initial Research and qualification
  • Seamless.ai: For now, to get emails & mobile phone numbers. I’ve also used Apollo.io in the past for emails which has been very accurate (1%-2% bounce rate). They’re $99 USD/mo. Phone numbers were iffy. Still evaluating Seamless, and also evaluating Cognism (~$3,600USD/yr) and D&B Hoovers (~2K-3K/yr) for mobile numbers.
  • HubSpot Pro: This has actually been huge for staying organized with the Sequences I designed with Will. If you want I can shoot a Loom video to show you my setup. HubSpot should eliminate the need for Yesware and also integrates with Outlook.
  • Cacheflow: Still evaluating this one but seems to be a great way for streamlining the closing process (submitting quotes, getting signatures, getting paid and handling renewals). Not sure about the price on this yet.