Greg Petersen
Apr 10, 2023
Greg Petersen Apr 10, 2023

Thanks for the feedback.

He is my changed version.  I have made it a little less harsh and allowed the potential customer to re engage.  I want the email to be more of a closure email so I can move this person into a different category in the CRM and not waste any mental energy on these people.


I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to reach out to you regarding the offer we discussed in our previous conversations.


I must inform you that the original offer is off the table. I have tried to connect with you multiple times and have heard nothing in response.


Typically there is one of two reasons why this happens. One is because an unforeseen event happened within your business. Two is because I failed to fully communicate the opportunity and hence the value of the opportunity.


From my perspective, I believe my company can help you with your marketing needs as the problems that we discussed are exactly what we specialize in solving.


If at some point you decide on your future I will be more than willing to help out. However, I will require a complete reassessment and evaluation of your situation.


If you would like to discuss this matter further please call me at 403-782-5488