Will Barron
Apr 3, 2023
Will Barron Apr 3, 2023

Sorry Abhijeet I missed this one. Some thoughts –

The problem is the signature process itself is a little annoying. Once the contract is sent we end up waiting for them to actually “sign” the damned thing.

Are you using a tool to send (and chase) the buyer like Docusign?

Do you need contracts? i.e. can they not just insert their card details into a custom form (Stripe payment links) and set up a subscription/auto invoice instead?

Part of signing is that we also send the first invoice / deposit, set up the banking details and get on-boarded as a vendor in their system so that we can get paid. This whole thing takes time and requires continual follow-ups.

Are you getting buy in from procurement/purchasing during the sales process?

Are you asking the question “what does your paperwork process look like?” during the discovery call so you can get ahead of any delays?