Will Barron
Mar 31, 2023
Will Barron Mar 31, 2023

Hey Greg, I’d follow up the conversion with ChatGPT with a couple more prompts –

  • Rewrite this in a more simple way
  • Rewrite this to sound more conversational
  • Rewrite this to remove buzzwords

A farmer named Tom owned a small farm in America and enjoyed growing crops. However, the market prices were unpredictable and affected his profits.

His neighbor suggested he try Insight Ag Marketing’s Market Defender program. Tom researched and found it helpful. With their guidance, he made a plan to manage risks and protect profits by analyzing market trends, assessing his resources, and evaluating risk tolerance.

He was happy with the results and continued to work with Insight Ag Marketing. When there was a sudden downturn in the market, Tom sold his crops earlier and protected his profits.

Now, he recommends the program to other farmers and knows he can succeed with Insight Ag Marketing’s help.