Will Barron
Mar 10, 2023
Will Barron Mar 10, 2023

Fast work Stuart. Good on you!

Hi {{first_name}},

Your customers are writing reviews for {{company}} on Trustpilot.

Would you be open to me showing you how to reply to these reviews and also turning this page in to an asset?



Hi {{first_name}},

Your Trustpilot page was viewed 111 times in the last 90 days

However the top review is a negative review that hasn’t been replied to.

Would you be open to me sharing how to turn that page into an asset?


I’d be a little more careful here. If it’s a big company and it’s only been viewed 111 days then they might not care and you’ll have instantly unwound the tension built in the previous emails.

Maybe simplify it further –


Currently [COMPANY]’s top review is negative.

Public reviews might not be a priority for you right now.

But would you be open to me sharing how you can turn your review page into an asset?


The goal with this one is to reduce all the pressure in-case they’re super risk averse.