Stuart Hay
Mar 6, 2023
Stuart Hay Mar 6, 2023

I can’t remember if I got this from the videos or a coaching call but I’ve structured my days the way that Will recommended.

9-10am is adding peeps to my cadence. I am chilling here, coffee in hand. I try and make it a nice job to start the day with so that I remain consistent with it which has been my biggest issue in the past.

10-11am is all the non automated elements of my sales cadence like cold calls and LI DM.

I have 30 minutes of generic admin next and then lunch at 11:10am.

This is all time blocked in my diary and is non-negotiable. That includes my boss and the kids.

After lunch my day turns into the usual shit show of meetings, demos and all the usual stuff.

My biggest learning moment was to do the same thing every morning. I get up at the same time, showered the same time, kids off to school same time. Then my prospecting happens and my pipeline is full no matter what.