Will Barron
Feb 25, 2023
Will Barron Feb 25, 2023

Cheers for the feedback everyone!

something like “rekindling old flame” would be nice,
For example: for customers who are unsatisfied with us previously, like we messed up, how do we get back on their good grace.

Reactivating deals lost to inaction is coming.

I’d like to see something about account based selling. We’ve talked about it on the coaching calls but it’d be strong addition to have it formally in the training.

Multi-threading accounts and identifying key accounts is on the cards.

I’d like to see something about how to properly use a CRM.

I’m in the middle of recording myself finding and closing a sales training deal right now as a case study. I’m recording all my actions within the CRM and so that’ll be a good guide on how to use one from a practical perspective.

A framework or template notes for my CRM after a diagnostic call/prospecting call systematizing in a process.

Have Discovery calls recorded as example in order to dissect them same with objection handling.

Email templates cadence for follow up after discovery calls

In your coaching session having a recorded call review, and you provide feed back about what was done well and what was not done well on discovery call and prospecting calls.

Got it. CRM templates, discovery calls coming from the case study I’m building as I document closing some deals (I’m recording everything), you can always post recorded calls in the community and I’ll review them.

You shouldn’t really need email templates for follow up after discovery calls. Are you closing the next step of the process on the call itself?