Will Barron
Feb 11, 2023
Will Barron Feb 11, 2023

Hi Travis, some thoughts –

– The first line doesn’t grab attention nor is it personalized. The prospect wants to hear what’s in it for them immediately.
– Use less industry jargon (cost models, commodity management etc)
– Be more conversational. Imagine talking to someone in the way that you wrote your email. It’d sound super weird.

According to Gartner, 60% of software and SaaS providers will re-price based on revenue, headcount and usage by 2025.

Commodity management will require new cost models and negotiation strategies to avoid getting fleeced.

Instead –

One of my colleagues at Gartner told me that SaaS providers are changing up the way they price their products.

Apparently it’s so they don’t get fleeced making the move to pricing against revenue or headcount.

– Keep to one benefit/desire rather per email. Then use a different email to dive into a different benefit.