Will Barron
Jan 16, 2023
Will Barron Jan 16, 2023

Hey Stuart, here are some thoughts –

When consumers trust your brand, research has shown that 46% would happily pay more for a product or service.

Can you personalize this? There’s more training coming in the next few weeks on personalizing first lines but it’s becoming increasingly important.

Our 3rd party customer review site helps digital marketers who want to drive more traffic to their website, use public reviews to build trust and stand out in paid and organic search.

Can you reframe this from “we do X” to “you’ll get Y”?

Trustpilot can then help you convert more browsing customers in to paying customers on your website, by showcasing your independent star rating and reviews.

I’m not sure you need this line if you make the previous one more direct.

Worth a look?

At the beginning of your cadence (emails 1-2) I’d recommend a stronger call to action to book a call. That catches all the people who are interested and don’t want to go back and forth over email.

Emails after this point can be a softer CTA.