Will Barron
Jan 2, 2023
Will Barron Jan 2, 2023

Hey Stuart, good to see you’re making progress.

Here are some pointers –

Helps – C-suite and Digital Marketing Managers

Different value prop for each ideal buyer. I’m sure that a CXO and a marketing manager will have different wants and desires.

Who Want To – Grow brand trust

Is there a “desire” behind wanting to grow brand trust. That might be more powerful in your messaging i.e. –

Feature – Public reviews
Benefit – Builds brand trust
DESIRE – More sales in a down market where prospects need results

Unlike – Internal review collection processes, that lack authenticity and are often met with consumer skepticism.

I’d compare your product with doing nothing rather than DIY.

Also when building out a first cadence step should we go straight in with a “case study”? Or is this best in a second step?

The best first email is usually your value prop with a strong CTA (would it make sense to jump on a call?). This catches and low hanging fruit or people who already know the brand.

A week or so prior to joining the group I had been testing an email like below. The example below was opened 8 times but she also unsubscribed from my emails lol.

If it’s just one person that you’re making assumptions from then that’s not enough data. You need that message in front of at least 40 people to be able to judge if it’s effective or not.

The email itself isn’t bad buttttttt it’s a risk to go for attention from a negative angle.

If you emailed me telling me that I’m an idiot and doing something obvious wrong with my business it wouldn’t bother me. I’m thick skinned.

If you emailed someone else the same message they might think you’re a jerk.

Something to think about.

Either way, I’d simplify the email –

Subject Line:- Business A’s Negative Online Reviews

Hi Kylie,

Are “Business A” losing sales or not converting potential customers because of the 2.3* rating from 47 reviews on Trustpilot that appears as the top search result for reviews?

In the space of 3 months AGL Energy in Australia turned a 1.4* rating into a 4.4* rating they could use in marketing efforts.

The fact they’re an Energy company is by the by, the strategy is the same. Create a process to collect reviews from everyone you transact with, and see your star rating rocket. Align that with an independent 3rd party review platform, and see “Trust” in your brand skyrocket.

Worth a look?

Kind Regards,

subject Line: NAME – Your reviews…


I just noticed the 2.3 rating from 47 reviews for BRAND.

The Trustpilot page ranks number one in Google when I searched for BRAND too.

Would you be open to me sharing how to turn that page into an asset?


PS -AGL turned a 1.4 rating into a 4.4 in 3 months. They now use the Trustpilot page in all their marketing.

Hope that helps mate!