Will Barron
Dec 22, 2022
Will Barron Dec 22, 2022

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Driving customer loyalty and improving CLTV is difficult, Particularly in the digital space where there’s plenty of competition and customers can simply jump to a new app or web browser and have their pick of alternatives.

Here are some strategies we use to overcome the challenge of driving customer loyalty.

Re-engage customers based on their precise product interests when they’re not on your website—via web push notifications
Use predictive segmentation, to deliver tailored campaigns based on a customer’s lifecycle

Here’s how we’ve helped Chemist Warehouse increase customer loyalty and saw an uplift in conversion rates by 85%.

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Building customer loyalty is difficult when there’s no friction to your customers switching a competitor.

We help ecomm managers re-engage their customers based on precise product interests even when they’re not on your website.

We helped Chemist Warehouse increase their customer loyalty and improve conversion rates by 85%.

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