Will Barron
Dec 8, 2022
Will Barron Dec 8, 2022

Hey Lysmuna, we can cover this in more detail on tomorrows call.

Other than price, what is the benefit of working with you? Or what is the consequence of “expensive to buy, cheap to use”?

What we’re trying to get at is the reason why people would want to buy from you specifically – their desire.

Feature – Adjustable working range of the lip angle
Benefit – Offer the possibility to bridge the difference in height and distance between the warehouse floor and vehicle in the most efficient way
Desire – You can now accept more deliveries and drive more revenue from new customers as you can accept their cargo transfer

Or perhaps…

Feature – Built in Pit
Benefit – Easy to install
Desire – Reduce the stress from the large expansion project you’re working on

Or for the consultative sales process

Feature – We have a highly qualified pre-sales team
Benefit – We deliver the correct results, every time or your money back
Desire – You can leave the engineering with us and know that you’ll have the most productive doors installed. Eliminating the risk of looking silly to your collegues if the project doesn’t work out.

Does that make sense?