Michelle Dixon
Nov 23, 2022
Michelle Dixon Nov 23, 2022

Hiya Tom. Are you getting 30% open rates across all the 7 emails? Then keep going! If it’s dropping off after each email then there’s an issue.

You’re trying to get in front of busy, important people. It’s not unreasonable at all that it’ll take more than 7 emails to book a meeting. Especially if the first few were sent without being reviewed by the SMS team.

I would send another email offering them something different. Like “We’ve delivered RESULT for BUYER. Would you like me to spend a little time looking through your ad sets to see if we can do the same for you?”

Then when they reply ask them for a meeting to get access to their ads.

Then you haven’t done a break up email yet which would go something like “It looks like you’re not interested in improving your ad performance. Is that currently the case?”

Also are you adding these people on LinkedIn, cold calling them and doing the other cadence steps too?