Tom Ollerton
Nov 22, 2022
Tom Ollerton Nov 22, 2022

Will, thanks for coming back so quickly. Here are my responses to your questions.

– How many emails have you send in step-by-step cadence?
– This is from a total of 7 emails. The first 4 were my own based on SMS simple training videos and the follow 3 were based on community feedback.

– Who are these emails going to? ICP etc
– These emails were going to three different ICPs in the US e.g Head of Media, Marketing Director and Head of Digital, also based on SMS training

– Where are you getting their emails from?
– LeadIQ as per your suggestion.

– Are you “cleaning” the email list before you send them out? If you’re scraping emails then this is a must (https://www.bulkemailchecker.com/)
– I’ve not tried this but I will. However bounce rate is at 0.0% for all of the emails sent.

– Have you checked inbox deliverablity? (https://www.mail-tester.com/)
– Just done this and got a score of 7.3/10 “Good stuff. Your email is almost perfect”

What’s the next move?