Tom Ollerton
Nov 22, 2022
Tom Ollerton Nov 22, 2022

UPDATE – 1 reply from 508 new emails.

Thanks to the community for sharing your tips, but something isn’t working.

Here’s the advice:

Advice 1. Make the subject lines shorter!

Old version “A recession is on the way. Get the same results for a smaller media budget.”
New version “Double your online sales.”

I did this and the Open Rate has gone down from 36.25% to 36.16% for the same audiences.

Advice 2. Start again on your content.

I took a direct steer from Will (thanks for that) and tried this format:


I think our AI tool can double your online sales.

We’ve just done it for P&G:

“Automated Creative delivered conversion results which are the highest I’ve ever seen – upwards of 10%!” – Chetna Soni / Senior Brand Director

Does it make sense to have a short call to see if we can do the same for you?


I still got 0 replies to this new format.

The only reply I got was when I used this template – https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1mw0BvYjVRPxji0V0euG1KMDoMbBXD1WMKFYajnkQ0cw/edit#slide=id.p

So I’ve been continuing with this but still not getting anywhere.

I am burning A LOT of time on this and not seeing any responses and ultimately damaging my own brand with an a stream of sales messages.

I’d like to get some advice on what I should experiment with next.