Jimmy Chrisovergis
Sep 27, 2022
Jimmy Chrisovergis Sep 27, 2022

Hi Will,

Started to crunch some numbers on our list for open rates – got 24% open rate on the first batch sent to BP. Maybe not as bad as I thought.

Keen to get a second email out to them asap, first draft is below:

Subject: NAME – How Swisscard turned the lights on for 2400 kids!

Hi x,

We recently worked with Swisscard and helped them transform 2400 kids lives in Africa.

Swisscard’s CEO wanted to gift meaningful merchandise to customers and staff which created life changing impact.

Florence said “When I case across your power banks I thought the quality is brilliant…and above all, the idea of buying one giving one is fabulous.”

We interviewed Florence to discuss what giving 2400 solar lights to kids Africa means to Swisscard.

The video below brings this all to life in 3 minutes;

Power a Life x Swisscard – linked to Swisscard video.

Would it make sense to jump on a call to see if we can do the same for you?


An open rate of 24% can work.

Your email needs to focus from the second line onward about the impact that you had on Swisscard rather than the children.

– Did the story get picked up in the media?
– Did they share it on their own social media profiles?
– Did it help your contact get a promotion?

Obviously I can’t see the video but I’d make sure you have a really “clickable” thumbnail there too.