Jeremie Warner
Aug 29, 2022
Jeremie Warner Aug 29, 2022

Thanks for the feedback Will!

Here’s a new attempt we’re going with today 🙂

Subject Line:
[Name] – Amplify your marketing ROI with impactful gifts!

Hi [name]

We’ve been helping the Leading Operations team at BP get their brand in the hands of their customers with customisable high quality power banks – keeping customers charged on the go with a visual reminder of who gave them the gift.

Not only did BP keep their customers charged up, but they created a lasting positive brand impression, as with every power bank they gifted from Power a Life, a child in a developing country was empowered with a free solar light.

BP saw excellent ROI on these gifts as we also provided them with a gifting video which you can see below.


Does it make sense to jump on a call to discuss how we can improve your marketing ROI and create a positive brand impression for [x] ?

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