Will Barron
Aug 4, 2022
Will Barron Aug 4, 2022

Hey Adam, sorry for the slow reply.

The market I work in (ERP) is highly competitive. Currently, the market is being dominated by one solution (and it’s not ours).

– We are losing deals to them
– We are losing customers to them
– We are losing staff to them

That makes your prospecting, marketing and selling much simpler. Ask yourself –

Why would someone want to work with you over them?

Some other things to think about –

– Have they ever screwed up? Are your customers shielded from this?
– What is the inverse of their strong point? (SMSA small team means I’m more in touch and personally involved with our students VS bigger corporate trainers who really don’t give a shit)
– How much marketing budget does Tesla have? Essentially zero. They win on innovation and a loud mouth CEO. We also spend essentially zero on PPC marketing and fully lean into content marketing and have reasonable success.

technically I’m meeting my target (and have beaten this competitor twice in the past few months for two lucrative deals)

If you’re kicking their ass, in important deals, then logically there’s not much to worry about, right?

Remember, YOU are not the COMPANY. All you can do is your best and from watching where you were to where you’re at now, you’re killing it mate.