Will Barron
Jul 26, 2022
Will Barron Jul 26, 2022

Am I overthinking this?

Yes :).

How many times in your buyers career do they buy as SaaS solution similar to yours? Once? A handful?

How many times have you sold this solution? How many of those conversations have you had? Loads.

So your personal insights can include –

– The process of buying a solution – The pitfalls, what to look out for, how to speed up the process etc
– The benefits that solutions like yours can offer
– Helping drag finance professionals into the modern, software driven world – Review other software tools, sell the benefits of automation etc
– Explain how to track ROI from software so finance professionals can get it signed off internally
– How to reduce month end completion times
– Future planning, market shifts (global recession likely) etc
– Share client testimonials and tell their stories – Use the storytelling framework to make your customers the hero’s in front of your prospects

PS – You’re doing amazing with your content. You have 8x the followers on LinkedIn that the company you work for does. You’ve become a real marketing asset to them.

But don’t get too carried away with the numbers/attention. The only goal of content is to get deals done. Make sure you have a clear pathway from the content you create to a contract getting signed.

For example –

Salesman.org podcast/YouTube > Free SalesCode Assessment > Email cadence > Call > Sign up

We don’t produce anything that doesn’t eventually lead to offering the free assessment. Stay focused on the bag.