Will Barron
Jul 26, 2022
Will Barron Jul 26, 2022

Around 50 to the non-message group.

With 3 people accepting!

If you’re not getting a 20-30% connection rate with no message it can only be because of a couple of variables –

– Your profile, image or headline is scaring them from clicking accept
– Your prospects don’t login to LinkedIn reguarly and so aren’t even seeing the request

If your prospects don’t use the platform, then you should focus on cold email.

Otherwise perhaps a more “professional” photo. Your current photo wouldn’t bother me but perhaps get a shot with a tie on and a bold colour background would be a good thing to experiment with.

I’m currently sending 20 new LinkedIn requests a day.

I wasn’t aware of the ‘spam’ filter. Should I hold off on this for now?

20 isn’t an insane amount. If you go to “my network” > “manage” (next to no pending invitations at the top) > “sent” … how many outstanding connection requests are there?

If there are 100’s, then “withdraw” them.