Will Barron
Jul 21, 2022
Will Barron Jul 21, 2022

Hey Anand you’re much closer here with your messages. Congrats mate.

One thing – I thought from our coaching call that you were going to focus on relieving the stress of running webinars as that’s what your successful email sold? The first two of your emails don’t discuss this at all.

My first email would be the one that you’re already having success from (5% response). Don’t reinvent the wheel. Do what works.

Otherwise, here’s a few things I’d change –

Email 1:

Wondering if you leverage webinars or virtual events as part of driving pipeline?

You shouldn’t be emailing this person if you’re not sure what their goals are. Be bold, make a hypothesis and test it.

“From working with people like yourself, usually they’re focused on driving pipeline from their webinars.”

Does it make sense to hop on a quick call to see if you’re a good fit to work with us?

Be clearer with the outcome that you can provide.

“Does it make sense to jump on a quick call to see if we can help you drive more pipeline?”

Email 2:

Great job, no suggestions.

Email 3:

Not sure about the subject line. Worth testing though.

Our platform allows you to have fully branded events up and running in minutes.

This is very “marketing” like. I’d try –

“We help you run fully branded, interactive events in minutes.

With an award-winning 24/7 support team and Easiest UI of 2022 you can focus on what matters… your content and driving pipeline.

Again, this is marketing speak. You wouldn’t say this word-for-word to someone sat next to you at an event would you?

“We’ve the industries best support. We’re available 24/7 which is unheard of in our space.”

Email 4:

Remove the line “When is your contract up for renewal?”. Don’t ask multiple questions in your email. Remember the only goal is to book the meeting.

I would send email 4 as the first email in the cadence. Grab the low hanging fruit!

Overall, soooo much better than the other emails you’ve shared. Congrats on the progress.

My cadence would be –

D1: Email 4

D3: Email 3, add on LinkedIn with no message

D5: Email 1, if connected on LinkedIn start commenting on posts (no pitching or mentioning product. Just looking for “impressions” of your photo/name)

D7: Email 2

D9: Cold call, if no answer then DM on LinkedIn

Run 100 people through this and confirm meeting booking rate 5%+ and then we can refine the steps/extend.