Jacky Broadbent
Jul 13, 2022
Jacky Broadbent Jul 13, 2022

Hi Anand!

Here is my quick feedback…

Karen Towers – 500+ attendees per webinar?!

I would only put their first name. This helps with attention and getting through SPAM filters I believe.

Do you know that 500+ attendees would be an improvement on what they’re doing right now? What if they’re currently getting 2,000+ attendees? That would make your service look worse than what they’re already doing.

I was having a browse through your webinar archives and it brought to mind a client of ours, Steve (Head of Partnerships) at Pure Storage.

I would use this as an opportunity for personalisation by calling out a specific recent webinar that they have done. “I signed up for your recent webinar on TOPIC and it brought to mind a recent…”

As long as you’re certain that your prospect wants to increase their attendance and deliver revenue then the rest of it looks great.