Will Barron
May 11, 2022
Will Barron May 11, 2022

Kyle –

1) Have a think about how what you do is different. I’m sure everyone is trying to reduce costs for example

2) For each point, ask yourself – Why would the prospect care about this? If they wouldn’t care, you need to go a step deeper.

So rather than “transform the customer registration, login, and self-care experience” think “reduce the support tickets from customer login and registration”.

3) Remove as much industry jargon as possible. Sure, the person you’re speaking to might understand what you’re saying but when they’re trying to get budget they’ll then have to dumb it down on your behalf. Do the job for them.

My quick thoughts –

We improve CIAM
For IT executives
By moving it to the cloud and managing the risk for you
When the competition can’t