Michael Stone
May 3, 2022
Michael Stone May 3, 2022

Hey amazing sales people who are actively growing and trying to expand their sales career :).

Curious to hear your company’s existing sales tech-stack?

I work for Global SaaS, this is what is in our arsenal for the sales team:

-Sales Force
-Linked In Sales Navigator
-Zoominfo (new)

Curious to hear your feedback on it, and see what else you are using in the market which could be beneficial to sales people.


What is your experience like with Gong?

@Anthony how do you rate Zoominfo? We’re looking for a new data supplier at the moment.

Zoominfo is wayyyyyyyy more expensive than anything else but it looks like the market leader.

We use Zoominfo and a product that Will had a sponsorship with called Lusha. They’re pretty similar in how accurate their data is.