Will Barron
Feb 9, 2022
Will Barron Feb 9, 2022

Looking at the first step of the cold calling framework ‘confirm’ – how do we think is the best way to differentiate ourselves here?

For example, in crowded markets like software, “Who is responsible for your accounting software” might lead to an immediate fob-off.

Do we think getting more creative here. Like “Who is responsible for ensuring a return on your finance software” may produce better results?

I guess the only way is to try it and see right?

Hey Adam, we’ll chat about this on our call tomorrow.

If you know you’re on the phone with the correct person, don’t feel the need to ask this question.

If you think you might have hit a gatekeeper or you’re doing recon into a larger account ask it.

When you’re not speaking to a decision maker, they’re usually really happy to tell you who you should be speaking to just so they can get you off the phone.