Adam Shilton
Jan 7, 2022
Adam Shilton Jan 7, 2022

What is your success rate on connecting with prospects? And what message are you sending if your connection request?

So it was 2 to 3 in 10 with the below sort of message:

“Hey {{First_Name}}, hope you’re first few months in the new role’s off to a good start.

I see you and I work in a similar spaces, so would love to join your network.



P.S – Enter relent comments on post/like etc”

In the last couple of days (after re-reviewing your LinkedIn course Will) it’s since increased to 4-5 in 10 based on these sorts of messages:

“Hi {{First_Name}}, came across your profile and saw you’ve experience in {{relevant experience}}. Would love to connect and keep up to date with your work at {{company}} – Adam”