Michelle Wilson
Dec 21, 2021
Michelle Wilson Dec 21, 2021

I’ve just had a kid. Dog passed away recently and I’m not loving my sales job.

I’ve been running through all of the training and going back to my favorite episodes of the podcast to try and find a bit of drive in my life.

I feel like the game has changed with the kido coming along and if this was a computer game, I’m just about to level up.

So my question to the community is, what drives you?

Congrats on the kiddo and deepest sympathies on losing your pup, that never gets easier. Just my 2 cents, drive changes as you naivagte different times in your life. Give yourself a little grace to navigate the changes and relish in the happiness of that baby:)
I have to get my mind right almost daily as to not get frustrated by the way certain things in sales are done or handled.
I love the interaction with me teammates, my buyers and the challenge it presents. This year I am being driven by more objective data I am coming up with as I go through this academy and start a new year:)