Will Barron
Dec 15, 2021
Will Barron Dec 15, 2021

I use linked in Zoom where I work, so we usually have a 30 to 40% chance it will include their direct number. I have created a list of phone numbers to try calling but have no cold calling experiences and no training.

I am working with some who have done it in the past to get better before I start calling.

OK, I think you’ll have some quick wins by reading through this and putting together a simple selling cadence – https://app.salesman.com/COLD%20OUTREACH%20CADENCE%20GUIDE%20-%20SELLING%20MADE%20SIMPLE.pdf

It should include at least one phone call – Nothing scary, just “Hey is that X? Great, I emailed you last week about Y, it’s just a quick call to see if it was of interest to you?” then shut up and let them answer.

It should also include adding everyone you email on LinkedIn and sending them a message.

You’re going to find your rates of success with the same cold emails go up dramatically with those extra touches.

A KPI of 400 emails a month is only around 16 a day and so you should have the time to fit the extra touches in.

Don’t over-complicate things but try that for 30 days and see how much fuller your pipeline is with qualified prospects.

As for your original question, your way points should then be based quarterly on the activity you think you’re going to have to do to hit quota.

Make sense?