Sam Randazzo
Dec 10, 2021
Sam Randazzo Dec 10, 2021

Hey will I was worried I posted my answer wrong so I did it again.

Hey Will, Thank you for taking the time to respond; I have been an avid listener for the last two years.

Please see below for my answers.

Some data for you to gather –

Do people have better results on your sales team?

Yes, our top salesman. He typically has a 30 to 40% close rate. We are client managers as well, so he only holds on to around ten clients at a time. So he doesn’t prospect as consistently.

Can you share an example of the type of cold email you’re sending?

This was my most successful one.

Hi <<Recipient.FirstName>>,

I was on a video chat with a coworker (which is pretty much everyone now), and he mentioned <<Recipient.CompanyName>>. So I checked out your website and loved your PANTS.

I decided to reach out because your business has the potential to be doing very well on social media marketing and, we are always looking for the right potential partners to grow with.

We have partnered with Disney, Loreal, and Blue Apron to deliver scalable ROI and stopped them from leaving money on the table.

If this is not a bad time for you to talk, let me know what your schedule looks like this week.


Do you have an example of the emails they’re sending?


I was on a video chat with my coworker earlier (as many have been right now) and she brought up eSalon, so I figured I’d reach out.

Monkedia implements advanced marketing and customer journey optimization strategies, resulting in scaleable ROI.
I would love to know if you would be available for a quick call with my Manager, Nathan Thompson, to discuss your plans for eCom growth in 2021?

Thanks so much!


I am a part-time Worship Pastor in Halifax, NS and I wanted to reach out as I work full-time for a Dallas TX based digital marketing company called Monkedia. We work with many other Christian Brands and organizations like Hillsong, Messenger International (Lisa and John Bevere), Truth to Table (Havilah Cunnington), etc. We are the best at what we do. We also work with some of the biggest brands in the world (Disney, ESPN, Infiniti, etc.). I would love to chat with you about how we can help YouVersion scale.

Check out this case study. We helped grow Greenlight’s user-base 3,635% which lead to 20M in Series A Funding! https://monkedia.com/case-studies/greenlight/

Let me know what you think. I’d love to set up a call if you’re interested.

God bless

Where is the bottleneck in your performance VS the highest performer on your team? (i.e. are they sending the same amount of emails but booking more meetings? Are they booking the same number of meetings but closing more on the phone? etc)

Unfortunately, I say both, but I would say my ability to book more meetings if I had to choose. As of right now, everyone I was hired with has only closed one deal combined from cold emailing, and the majority of the sales come from referrals and meeting booking services we use.

The best salesman was able to book people and flip them, but he has been at the company for 2 plus years.

We only use email, no linked in or calls.