John H Holiday
Nov 7, 2021
John H Holiday Nov 7, 2021

Hey Guys,

If it’s useful, the below has generated a 10% response rate so far.

Hey {{first_name}},

See you guys may be scaling up? Exciting times for you in your new role as {{finance}}?

Finance leaders like you amongst our scale-up clients are telling me it’s tough managing growth at the moment, especially when satisfying demands from seasonal spikes.

When Simon (Director, {{Company}}) came to us, he’d hit a roadblock with their existing systems – they’d literally been running their accounts from spreadsheets – and disconnected processes were stopping his growth plans. After looking at some options, we helped him de-duplicate and combine everything into a single platform.

With the right tools in place, he went on to cut safety stock, increase sales 30% and expand the business globally, resulting in a very lucrative acquisition. Case study here.

Let me know whether it ever makes sense to discuss in more detail, I’d love to help if I can.

Best wishes,


P.S – Saw the music video shot at your warehouse. Very cool!

How much are you customizing each email? Your example looks pretty much bespoke!