Will Barron
Oct 28, 2021
Will Barron Oct 28, 2021

Hey Eli, hope you’re well mate.

BJJ has gone out of the window with COVID and puppy but a new Gracie Bara has opened just around the corner so I’m thinking about going there!

Couple of things before the feedback –

1) Have to been through this? – https://app.salesman.com/COLD%20OUTREACH%20CADENCE%20GUIDE%20-%20SELLING%20MADE%20SIMPLE.pdf
2) The new, full “cadence” workshop is coming soon.

OK feedback –

Average open rate 35% and response rate 4% are not too bad.

I’d be aiming for a 50% open rate (remember a bunch of people block tracking in emails and Apples new iOS update does this by default so it’s probably higher than what is being tracked).

4%ish response rate doesn’t really mean anything. Instead, what’s your meeting booking rate (total prospects VS meetings booked)?

Content feedback –

Here are 3 tips our clients found helpful:

1-Call your service manager and create a plan to fix your current problems.

2-Verify your contract expiration to see when you can explore better options.

3-Dont have a vendor? having one can help you cut costs while saving you time.

– Do those tips realllllllyyyy help the buyer? Are they reaaalllly thrilled when they open your email and are they saying “frigging heck, that was handy”?
– Is there a blog/video/content that you can link them to rather than sharing the text in the email? Makes it easier to track email effectiveness if you’ve CTR too.

The complaints we hear about {{INDUSTRY}}’s vendors go…

– Stick to “I hear about…”. Your messages will feel more congruent if you are giving advice rather than flipping between “we” and “I”.

(couldent walk a mile in your shoes)

– My spelling is shit. But is “couldent” a word? Maybe “I could not” instead.

Other notes –

The emails are pretty samey. I’d look at other ways that you can pattern interrupt.

Something I’m experimenting with at the moment is “news jacking” in emails. This won’t work in a cadence but it can be used after your cadence finishes.

Lets say you have 50 people who have never responded but have opened emails. I’ll send an email on Monday, specific to them about industry news from the week prior. I’m automating the emails rather than making each one personal but I’ve had a bunch of solid replies from otherwise dead leads thanking them for the “up to date insight”.

Finally, are you following up on LinkedIn in-between emails/calls too?