Will Barron
Sep 6, 2021
Will Barron Sep 6, 2021

Hey Adam, following up on your email too.

Obviously I’m not a lawyer and so can’t provide legal advice…

All that stuff is pretty standard for a contract. BUT it’s only enforceable if they took you to court. Which they’re never going to do.

No judge is going to give them your content when it’s your face on it, and you’re speaking your mind. I’d start adding a tag at the end of my posts along the lines of “this is my personal opinion, not the opinion of X company”.

Now, when you’re using the brand colours, assets, images… the water is more muddy. I’d be weary of that.

What I’d do –

1) Build my own personal brand over the next 10 years. This is my side-hustle and insurance policy. Get paid from YouTube ads, side-consulting on the quiet and it will get me my next job.

2) If it does well and starts driving leads, I’d go to my employer and say that they’ve got to start paying to leverage everything that you’re building. New job title (CRO or equivalent), pay bump, budget to build a team.

BUT, and I want to be real blunt – Don’t fucking waste time debating and pondering over all of this until you’ve build something that people give a shit about! Until you’re driving attention, traffic and leads non of this stuff matters. It’s just procrastination. It feels good to try and predict the future but it’s pointless until you go and create it.