Eli A
Sep 2, 2021
Eli A Sep 2, 2021

Skip the second email. Why would the buyer care?

I was trying to do this in the second email:

The next email could ask if they want you to calculate their savings, they say yes, then you ask them to jump on a 5 minute call to get the data to do the calculation.

What can I improve in my email about calculating the price of savings below you said to skip? instead os saying restaurants in general I should make it more about them and say “Your restaurant”?

Subject line: 🛑{{FIRST_NAME}}, are you still overpaying?

“Hi Name,

Restaurants are able to reduce their invoices by an average of 20% or more when they transition over to us for restaurant work supplies, linen and uniform services.

Just this week we’ve been able to reduce the costs of multiple restaurants in the area while giving them a better service.

Would you like to know how much we can save you? We can calculate it for you in 10 minutes or less.