Eli A
Aug 31, 2021
Eli A Aug 31, 2021

Hey Will,

Thank you for the help mate. would this be a good follow up cadence? what can I improve?

step 2: Add on linkedin with the note: “Hi name, I sent you an email. Looking forward to hear from you”.

Step 3:

Subject line: 🛑{{FIRST_NAME}}, are you still overpaying?

“Hi Name,

Restaurants are able to reduce their invoices by an average of 20% or more when they transition over to us for restaurant work supplies, linen and uniform services.

Just this week we’ve been able to reduce the costs of multiple restaurants in the area while giving them a better service.

Would you like to know how much we can save you? We can calculate it for you in 10 minutes or less.



Step 4:

Hello {{FIRST_NAME}},

67% of restaurants in New England report a lack of quality in their restaurant work supplies, linen and uniform . So I thought I’d share a quick tip many of our clients have found helpful:

1-Reach out to your designated service manager and explain to them the issues that you have experienced, then try to work together towards a better solution.

2-If you’ve already tried and have not had success, verify the expiration date of your contract to see when you can explore better options.

I have a few more ideas around how to get the best out of your restaurant work supplies, linen and uniform services. Let me know if you’re interested in hearing them.



Step 5: Call