Will Barron
Aug 9, 2021
Will Barron Aug 9, 2021

OK, lets simplify further. Have you closed any sales with this messaging?

If so, work backwards from your quota.

How many sales to hit quota > How many prospects in pipeline to make those sales > How many cold emails/calls to generate the pipeline > Daily activities > Specific messaging.

If you can send enough of this messaging each day to hit your quota, don’t mess with it for now. If you can’t send enough of this messaging to hit your quota then we need to refine it.

I know it’s boring, it’s a pain in the ass to calculate and there will be some guess work. But if you don’t have a baseline of the numbers of things you likely need to do each day to beat your quota, you’re just throwing stuff at the wall hoping it’ll stick.

Does that make sense?