Will Barron
Aug 8, 2021
Will Barron Aug 8, 2021

– Basic accounting system + spreadsheets
– Lots of different disconnected software systems
– Using a dated legacy system that needs updating

Are they three types of buyer persona? Then you need either 3 lots of messaging or one cadence that runs through each of the current realities.

For example – In our marketing webinar, there are two main buyer personas – New sales people and experienced sales people wanting to start taking things seriously. So I mention both of these current realities throughout the webinar.

“Frameworks are great for beginners as they’ll cut decades out of your learning curve. Frameworks are great for experienced salespeople as they help you become more efficient”.

Ideally with some testing you’ll find one current reality and one reality block that work in your messaging most of the time. But it’s fine to have multiple angles to hit too.

Does that make sense?