Adam Shilton
Aug 8, 2021
Adam Shilton Aug 8, 2021

Thanks Jimmy,


Can you name drop who you’ve been chatting with. Even better if it could be a competitor!!

This is tricky, I’m not having a huge amount of conversations as my part of the business is very young. I want to be genuine. I’ll maybe have to think of some other ways to generate interest?

Are you sharing your phone number when you say “call me back”. I know it sounds idiotic but lots of people don’t know how to use their desk phones to find numbers.

Fair point, I’m mostly calling mobiles, but do also leave my number.

I know everyone talks about A/B testing everything but how many emails are you sending? If you’re not sending LITERALLY hundreds, A/B testing doesn’t really work.


I would try and leave the door more open here.

“Is it OK if I sent you a monthly industry update?”

Good idea

Everything else looks decent. Are you having success with this and want to tweak it? Or is it failing you??!

I’ve had reasonable success with the sequence, but the messaging is completely new so I’ll have to try it and see. All of the above is based on the buyer profiles of the small amount of customers we have however so I’m reasonably confident.


My previous approach was taken from ‘Problem Prospecting’ with e-mails like the below.


Hi Fran,

Saw you’re a new preferential rate supplier for [Supplier] and it looks as though [Company] have plans to scale?

No doubt you have ambitions to continue to scale the business, but perhaps without increasing headcount and the expense that it incurs?

Is there anything stopping us from having a look at what other high-performing finance teams are doing here? Specifically, the way they’re leveraging technology to reduce painful month-end processing, unify their operations across departments, and improve their ability to make strategic decisions.

Don’t know if it’s a fit yet, but I have a couple of ideas that it would be good to get your thoughts on.

Does it make sense to get a bit of an exchange going for you to decide?


P.S – I see you’re originally from Spain, but then potentially did some work with [Company] in New York? How do you find London compares to New York?

They got a decent reply rate, but none from buyers that were a good fit for our services. Plus they take AGES to write. My best was 10 e-mails an hour taking this hyper-personalised approach so I just wasn’t seeing the response for the time invested.


I’ve also been getting reasonable responses from phone calls like this the below.

[Name], this is Adam Shilton and my company is called Thinc. You and I haven’t spoken before, but I was hoping to steal you for 35 seconds, just to explain why I’ve chosen to call you? You can then decide whether it’s worth a future conversation or not. Is that fair?


I speak with a lot of successful finance leaders in a similar position to you, and despite having a strong team, they tend to face a couple of challenges:

Firstly, they’re concerned that the technology they have in place isn’t helping them save costs and drive more revenue.

Secondly, with a team bogged down in admin, month end completions are often long and painful, but employing more staff just for low level admin seems counter-productive.

Do either of those resonate with you at all?

No? Are there any other challenges you have where you think technology might help?

Again, the above approach was OK, but the impression I got from the people I was speaking to was a bit wishy washy.

I think with all of the above I was trying to be a bit too clever. Hence the new approach takes things back to basics a bit.