Will Barron
Aug 2, 2021
Will Barron Aug 2, 2021

Yes the cold outreach framework works across multiple outreach emails. But there’s more too it than that if you don’t get a response on the first couple of emails.

There’s a full workshop/framework coming on this topic but here are some pointers.

You have sequences and plays –

Sequences – Series of steps done in one session. 1 LinkedIn visit – 2 Call – 3 Voicemail – 4 Email

Play – A collection of sequences completed over a longer period of time. Day 1, LinkedIn sequence. Day 3, Voicemail sequence. Day 7, Email follow up sequence.

It’s more effective to use a play that goes across different mediums, rather than just 8 emails in a row. Why? Because you don’t know which communication platform the buyer likes to chat on. It could be email, it could be the phone, it could be text.

Let me give you an example (much deeper content in the new workshop) –

Day 1 sequence:
Visit LinkedIn profile – do research – email relevant case study

Day 3 sequence:
Call – email valuable content

Day 7 sequence:
Email link to webinar/training

Day 10:
Call – email customer use-case

Day 14:
Add on LinkedIn – Comment on a post/content

Day 17:
Hyper personalised email – move to nurture.

If you want to focus more on emails, then every email should provide an “ah-ha” moment. This usually comes from highlighting a need the buyer didn’t know they had or showing proof that makes them believe that change is possible.

If your email sequence is getting less than a 50% open rate and 5% response rate then it’s not working.

Hope that helps.