Eli A
May 17, 2021
Eli A May 17, 2021

Thank you!

Just to Clarify, If the person responds to one of my email’s positively, I always transition to the phone, then in person/virtual meeting. And if they don’t, I let it go after maybe 5 touches and move on to another company or another person above the buying line.

My question was mostly directed to that first point of contact in order to generate leads for my self. I essentially wanted to know the most effective ways to generate leads for my self. phone? email? linkedin? and which one I should focus on the most according to the 80/20 Paretos principle.

For context, this is my cadence for prospecting enterprise customers for Salesman.org –

Cold email (share post/insight they should find valuable) – cold email (attempt to book meeting) – Add on LinkedIn (start commenting on their posts if active) – Cold email (invite to webinar).

So you don’t priorities Cold calling in your sales process for salesman.org? Interesting… do you find that just emailing and linked in is more effective for prospecting?

Thank you in advance! this is one of the best sales platform out there! I have recommended it to my sales buddies!